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Marrakech Cactus Silk

Strength & Quality

The Saharan aloe vera cactus (part of the agave family) is what provides the natural fibres to make the plant-derived silk - known as ‘Cactus Silk’. The fabric is known for its strength and quality and has been made with the same process for centuries, by crushing cactus leaves, then washing and hammering the fibers, which are then woven into thread and dyed using vegetable dyes.

Women Berbers Made Your Cactus Silk Dog Bed

The Sebastian Says Cactus Silk beds are lovingly handmade by women who live around the Atlas Mountains, Morocco. Each bed has unique traditional tribe symbols which makes each bed different to the another.

We Only Use Natural Fibres

We only use Kapok to fill your Cactus Silk Dog Beds. This natural fibre is harvested from the Kapok trees of Indonesia. The pods are collected from the trees by local farmers, providing an additional income stream to their community. Kapok is resistant to dust mites, mould and mildew; making it hygienic, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. There are no pesticides or chemicals used on the Kapok at any stage which means your dog will nap in safety as well as comfort in the Sebastian Says Cactus Silk Beds.

A Dog Bed Or Floor Cushion

The Sebastian Says Cactus Silk Dog Bed, can easily become a decorative piece, perfectly styled in your home.

Giving Back to Farmers In Need

We're constantly researching and sourcing the best materials for our dogs – that is sustainable to our environment and have the least negative impact, to their health. We travel to different parts of the world, to learn more about the artisans and farmers with unique skill sets, in safe working conditions. The trade with these much needed individuals is our way giving back to their families and communities.